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Project - 8th Day Studios

8th Day Studios is the professional side of what James does on a full-time basis. It is a self-owned company that focuses on providing technology and design solutions for Las Vegas small businesses. Naturally he is responsible for all aspects of the site, including the logo, website, letterhead, business cards, and more.

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Project - Knots Unwound

Knots Unwound is a small business focused on massage therapy and whole-body wellness. This was a logo and branding redesign focused on making the owner and main practitioner stand out from other massage therapists in the area.

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Project - Las Vegas Drilling

As a side business for a local concrete contractor, Las Vegas Drilling needed a simple website and accompanying SEO services to drive business and allow them to develop a secondary revenue stream.

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Project - American Military Medical Organization

American Military Medical Organization is a government contractor focused on providing medical supplies and devices for military members, and supporting the medical staff that provides those devices and services. They needed a simple website to establish an online presence and provide information for vendors and government contracting agents.

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Project - Trilogy Mountain States

A sister company of AMMO, Trilogy supplies public medical professionals with devices and supplies, focused on the spine. They support surgeons and doctors in the Southwest US and needed a simple website for informational purposes and to establish relationships with local health providers.

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Project - Key Realty

Key Realty School is a local real estate company in Las Vegas that focuses on providing education, training, and certification for local brokers and real estate agents. They needed to completely revamp the online training and testing courses, including both the testing websites and the back-end database and logic, all while conforming to established branding and strict certification standards. The website also included an administrative back-end to manage thousands of students and track their continuing professional education.

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Project - Blue Line Studios

Blue Line Studios is a full-service production facility for companies that need temporary and permanent environments constructed for shows, conventions, and more. They needed a marketing and informational website that fit with previously established design standards to establish an online presence for their Fortune 500 clients.

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Project - City Prints

City Prints is a personal project that seeks to reimagine how we view the environments we construct to live and work in.

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Project - An Image Above Photography

An Image Above provides photographic services in Las Vegas. They needed a logo and website update to refresh their branding and marketing for a renewed focus on their core business of event and studio photography.

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Project - Jaggers Construction

Jaggers Construction is a local general contractor in Las Vegas. They needed a website and SEO services to increase their business and marketing opportunities, all while fitting with established branding.


James has worked in design and technology for the past 20 years, in a wide range of projects and industries. He has worked on websites, social media and marketing campaigns, branding, enterprise networking and infrastructure, end-user tech support, custom software development, and more. These projects and clients have spanned a multitude of industries, including hospitality, construction, medical, creative, service, real estate, and beyond.

This wide range of experience has made him uniquely suited to helping clients and companies identify and execute their visions for customer service and efficiency. He has a passion for crafting tools and experiences that connect people and allow them to focus on the things that matter. He firmly believes technology in all forms is at its best when it is transparent: when it enables experience instead of being the experience.

When he’s not busy in front of a computer or buried in cables in a server rack, James enjoys being a husband and father (yay potty training!), cheering for the right sports teams (pro tip: if they’re not from Chicago or Detroit they’re the wrong ones), all kinds of music (the family music genes are strong), the outdoors (two words: Jeep Wrangler and mountain roads - yes I know that was more than two words), and maybe a game of Madden (if he's feeling competitive).


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